Creating a safe work environment and ensuring health and environment protection is very important to our company and we require the same from our suppliers. During pre-qualification and procurement processes we strive to cooperate with such suppliers who treat these matters in the same high level.


Our potential partners are encouraged to adapt the quality management, work and environmental directives with the preliminary qualification and continuous monitoring of their performance. We require safe work that does not endanger health and the environment, as well as the development of good practices.

We only cooperate with partners and subcontractors who share our commitment to HSE excellence and adhere to HSE rules.


MOL group, as a key client of our company, requires each supplier (those working in hazardous work areas, performing HSE critical activities) to have SCC certification. We are proud to say that our affiliated companies are in possession of SCC certificates. One element of the SCC system is "Procurement of Services", which requires that all our suppliers, including HSE critical service providers, be evaluated from HSE point of view.


Preliminary qualification according to HSE, QMS and SCC:

1. During the supplier registration process, please send a scanned copy of your certificates, qualifications, official authorizations, permissions etc. relevant to your activities to our colleague.

2. Please complete the supplier questionnaires related to HSE and QMS.

3. If you are applying for the provision of construction services but do not yet have a SCC certificate for the subject of the service, please fill in the SCC Checklist Subcontractor Evaluation Questionnaire. If you are in possession of a SCC certificate, please send a scanned copy to our colleague.

4. If the validity of the previously submitted certificate(s) have, please be so kind as to send a copy of your currently valid certificate to us.


Should you have any further questions about the above, please contact our colleague responsible for operating the Supplier Qualification System with the following contact details:

Dóra Jaczina

Telephone: +36 1 453 5629

E-mail:  jaczinad@otindustries.hu