Supplier Policy

Based on decades of experience, our company strives to meet technical challenges via continuous innovation with flexible adaptation to changing circumstances. Our experts are doing their best to keep up with the highest standards in order to earn and keep our business partners' trust and recognition.

Our suppliers play a decisive role in achieving these goals, thus we believe it is important for them to become familiar with our Supplier Policy.


Our company intends to cooperate with its suppliers based on the following values that are relevant to us.


We expect from our suppliers to:

       represent high quality products, services and processes

       use reliable quality control methods during their operations

       be competitive in the domestic and international markets and strive to continuously increase their competitiveness

       be open to technical innovation

       their products and services comply with international environmental, safety and health requirements

       strive for optimal energy utilization

       provide reliable services and take full responsibility for their products and services

       work professionally with ethically impeccable work

       seek to establish long-term partnerships

       adapt high-level communication methods and techniques.


According to our company's supplier policy and principles, we ensure that our procurement activities are carried out in a predictable way within a clearly regulated framework, and that our suppliers are continuously evaluated during the cooperation.