Supplier Qualification System

OT INDUSTRIES treats the qualification of suppliers as a top priority, including the continuous measurement and analysis of their level of preparedness and performance. Our goal is to provide a sufficient number of pre-qualified suppliers for all activities.

According to our principles, any supplier who wishes to cooperate with OT Industries Group - since their activity may have an impact on the quality of the product/service to be delivered by the OT Industries Group and may influence the production processes of OT Industries Group’s products/services, compliance with Health Protection, Safety Technology and Environment Protection (HSE) requirements, and Occupational Health and Safety performance - must have the rating (pre- and/or post-qualification) issued by the group. 

To reach our goals, we need to be closely acquainted with our partners’ capabilities, which can be the basis for our long-term cooperation.

Our qualification system includes a pre- and post-qualification process. 

Pre- qualification:

The aim is to map the suppliers’ financial, professional capacity and suitability. Pre-qualification is done after registration.

Pre-qualification includes the ex-ante evaluation of suppliers by HSE and, if appropriate, a preliminary assessment of compliance with SCC requirements. (For details on HSE and Safety Certificate for Contractors –SCC- see menu HSE and SCC)

OT Industries reserves the right to hold on-site audits agreed upon in advance, as part of the pre-qualification process.


The OT Industries Group evaluates the suppliers after their accomplishments in a post-qualification system. Utilized during project deliveries, general work operations, product manufacturing processes and provision of services, the purpose of the post-qualification system is for the OT Industries Group to be able to filter suppliers who met the requirements of the pre-qualification criteria, but their performance did not reach the appropriate level of quality.