Health and safety

HSE - Safety first

The management of our group of companies is committed to enforcing HSE requirements during our activity, most importantly for 

• employees,
• clients,
• our customers,
• suppliers
• and for their safety and health in both work and work-related activities. In order to maintain our secure operation, we strictly comply with legal and standard regulations and the HSE regulations expected by our clients, which we also expect from our subcontractors.

Our employees are regularly recruited for HSE training to master the strict requirements that are essential to prevent accidents. This training is focused on health, work, fire, and environmental protection. Our commitment has been documented in HSE policy. To maintain the health and physical and mental integrity of our environment and our employees, and to achieve a higher level of work safety, we operate under these standard management systems:

• ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
• OHSAS 18001 Work Environment Health and Safety Management System
• SCC Regelwerk Management System

All of our employees treat their own safety as well as colleagues' safety with attention, and they recognize and avoid potential hazards. As a result, we have not had any deadly or severe accidents within the past period.

Our HSE practice is constantly being developed, with our goal being to minimize the number of HSE events year by year and so we share our experiences with our employees and suppliers regularly.